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I’m Jeffrey Perlman

If your mission is to build the world’s next game-changing brand, mine is to help you make that brand inevitable.
Brands shape identities. They trigger global movements.
This is why I believe brands are one of the most powerful forces in the modern world. More powerful, in-fact, than religion and politics.
A great brand cannot be outsourced to an agency. It cannot be dictated by the customer either.

As any artist can attest (and let’s be clear, brands that move people are great art), every masterpiece has an essence. It wants to be authentic to itself. The job of the creator is to listen to it.

And when you do, the right choices and paths become clear, obvious and inevitable.

The world’s greatest brands all
have one thing in common…

And it’s not the best agencies… or the biggest budgets…or even the most innovative products.
What the brands that inspire humanity all have in common are founders so attuned to their essence, the brand itself tells them where it needs to go (as opposed to say, an executive at an agency or a focus group report).
Mega brands can change the course of history, they wield immense power and influence; and the process of building one demands exceptional faith and courage.

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I speak on global stages and virtual platforms around the world to audiences of founders, CEOs, billionaires, and philanthropists who want to build a brand so powerful, it becomes inevitable.

My job is not to entertain nor motivate. It is to show audiences the power of branding and how to harness it.

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My debut book, Inevitable, is scheduled for launch in 2023. Inevitable is a branding book with a key difference. In addition to gaining a deep insight into the strategy behind the world’s greatest brands, you’ll also discover the person you as a founder must become in order to turn your brand into a game-changing masterpiece.

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