I believe brands are one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

But for too long, many brands have used that power for the wrong reasons; culminating in an age of consumerism fuelled by greed, division, and empty desire.

Yet brands can also be used for immense good. A brand can inspire people to be their best selves. It can bring people together. It can even uplift and transform all of humanity.

Not every brand can achieve this. But those that do – I call them transformational brands – are the ones that make and change history for the better.

My life’s mission is to seek out brands with this potential; and build them into unstoppable forces for good.

If you’re a founder who shares this vision, and you dream of unleashing your own transformational brand on the world – then you’re in the right place.

My story

In 2014, I resigned as the CMO of Zumba Fitness: a brand I had helped grow from a small direct response company in 2006, to the largest branded fitness program in the world by 2012, with 15 millions of participants in 186 countries.

Buoyed by my financial freedom, I moved with my family to an island in the Mediterranean, where I would dedicate my life to my loved ones, and my son’s education. I was in paradise, but all was not well in paradise.

From walks on the beach to building a school for my son, I kept busy. Yet before long, I found myself tossing and turning at night.

Because deep inside me was a growing sense of unease, born from an inescapable truth: there was still music in me, and it needed to come out.

In my turmoil I was reminded of people like Steve Jobs, an artist whose craft was his life. And who had left everything on the canvas before his passing.

If there’s anyone whose rest is deep and absolute, it’s Steve’s.

It was at this point I realized Zumba wasn’t the end of my professional life.

Instead, it was the beginning of a new one. A life of service to transformational brands with the potential to push humanity forward.

This would be my mission. My contribution to the world. And instead of just helping my son with his schoolwork, I was determined to show him a priceless life lesson: that nothing is more powerful than surrendering to your true calling.

And so I came out of retirement to launch Lucid Rock, my boutique branding agency with a goal that might seem counterintuitive: my agency wants you to stop relying on agencies.

Because if you’re a company founder determined to build a transformational brand, you can’t outsource your vision to an agency.

One of my biggest realizations at Zumba was that hiring an agency to uncover your brand’s soul is as futile as asking your therapist to tell you who you are. That’s just not how game-changing brands are built.

My focus is different. My focus is on you, as your brand’s founder and custodian – and in rewiring you with the mindset and disposition to lead it where it wants and needs to go.

When you learn to listen to your brand, the way forward becomes clear. And your transformational brand becomes inevitable.

1. I am the former CMO of Zumba Fitness: a brand I helped grow into the world’s largest branded fitness program, serving 15 million weekly participants in 186 countries.
2. Through my global marketing initiatives, creative direction, and business development, Zumba became Inc. Magazine’s Company of the Year in 2012, with a valuation of $550 million
3. I joined Mindvalley as Chief of Strategy in 2017. Since then, it has doubled in sales every year, and is the fastest growing personal development brand in the world. Today Mindvalley is on track to disrupt the entire education space, with curriculums used by governments, schools, and corporations globally.
4. In 2020, I launched Lucid Rock: an agency that works with founders and CEOs to build game-changing transformational brands. My clients include humanitarian NGO The Art of Living Foundation, leading personal development brand Goalcast, Purity Coffee, and LivePerson, the world’s first AI-powered conversational cloud.

What Founders
& CEOs Say
About Me


Former CEO of MTV International

Jeffrey builds brands that connect deeply and unlock huge sources of growth for your business. It’s a delight to see him work.


Founder of Lifebook & Purity Organic
Coffee, Chairman of Precious Moments

I have never worked with anyone that has such a depth of understanding in harnessing consumer emotion, making it work for you, and how to tie that to a mission. The brand immersions we’ve generated together have been the most useful tools ever in increasing sales and blowing our brands up.

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

Jeffrey is Mindvalley’s strategic advisor and my go-to person when I want to understand and master branding. Jeffrey is a true visionary, and our brand is now the fastest growing personal development brand in the world.

Sri Sri
Ravi Shankar

Founder of The Art of Living

Jeffrey combines a brilliant intellect with a heartfelt passion for making positive change in the world.


President, COO & Co-Founder
of Zumba Fitness

Jeffrey is an absolute genius, and I'm convinced he can see into the future. Back in our startup days, his grand vision for Zumba as a global movement was "crazy" to almost everyone but himself - and look how that turned out. Branding is both a science and an art, and Jeffrey is both a brilliant scientist and a visionary artist. He's on an entirely different level compared to any other branding expert I've ever met, and I know Zumba is far from the last global movement we're going to see from him.


CEO of Liveperson

I call him Yoda


Founder of WILDFIT,
International Speaker & Author

Jeffrey has played an important role in our thinking about WILDFIT’s brand, and working with him has been inspiring, interesting and incredibly valuable. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jeffrey and offer my highest recommendation.

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Inevitable, my debut book, launches in 2022. It’s an exploration of my biggest revelation in the art of branding: that legendary brands aren’t realized by award-winning agencies, huge budgets, or even great products. But rather by founders who live, breathe, and embody their mission with such clarity and conviction, that their brand’s ascension becomes inevitable. Inevitable can be preordered on Amazon starting January 2022.

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