The Only Brand That Matters

May 15, 2021

Some brands move product.

Others move people.

A few move humanity forward. The only type I care about.

These brands inspire us. They give us something to aspire to. They impart identity and purpose. They create meaning.

Most brands want to get more. More money. More market share. More everything.

The brands that matter want to give more. More joy. More meaning. More belonging.

If you want to get more…the world doesn’t need you.

If you want to give more…here’s how to build a brand that matters.

Don’t be a company with a mission.
Be a mission with a company.

If you listen carefully enough…if you sit in silence with your brand…if you hold the space for the brand…you’ll find your brand driving your business. You’ll tap into something bigger than you. Something greater than you.

Few can get this. For most, a brand is just the company’s wallpaper. For some, it represents something greater than the sum of its parts. For a few, a brand is a living, breathing thing, an entity unto itself. Something with a mind—and will, and spirit, and force—all its own.

Your brand is according to thy faith. If you believe branding is a marketing exercise, that’s all it will ever be. If you believe branding transcends the company’s products, you’re awakening.

But if you believe the brand itself can impart transcendence, that it can be the vessel of something almost supernatural, something that wants to manifest in this world…

Keep the faith and soon you’ll find it.

No. Not true.

Soon it will find you.