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The Inevitable Workshop Is A 7-Day Intensive That Empowers Founders With The Vision & Strategy For A Brand So Powerful, It Changes The Course Of History.

Pay a branding
agency, and they’ll
you a brand.

The problem with this transaction? You can’t outsource your brand’s identity. This is as futile as hiring a psychoanalyst to manufacture an identity for you: greatness does not come from there.

Extraordinary brands – transformational brands – all have one thing in common that you won’t find in any agency’s pitch deck:

A founder with a vision so clear, it becomes inevitable.

The Inevitable Workshop is an intensive experience for founders in search of this vision, and the mindset and skillset to make it a reality

I am your partner on this journey: where in just seven days, we’ll uncover the authentic essence of your brand. And map out exactly how it’s going to change the world.

The Experience

The Inevitable Workshop is a seven-day deep dive in a paradise location in Portugal.
You and up to five members of your team will invest this time with me, in intensive daily training and envisioning sessions with three main objectives:

1. Defining the strategy, identity, and universe for your brand

2. Integrating your brand strategy into your business strategy

3. Rewiring your mindset and disposition to be in perpetual alignment with your transformational brand

Is This For You?

The Inevitable Workshop is not for everyone. Rather, it’s for the brand with a clear potential to reach that elusive transformational stage. And for the founder with the disposition to lead it.

These are the non-negotiable criteria for a placement in the workshop:
  1. Your business is thriving, and you have the time and resources to think long term.
  2. Your product or service isn’t just great at what it does – but has a distinct emotional appeal that can be leveraged to turn customers into loyal devotees.
  1. You have the courage to be led by your brand, even when it rips you out of your comfort zone or defies your preconceived notions.
  2. You want to build a net positive transformational brand that moves humanity forward.

I am fiercely committed to my goal of building only the world’s most game-changing brands – and if you and your brand fit the criteria, I’d love to meet you at the workshop.

The Inevitable Effect

The Inevitable Workshop is hyper-focused on tangible high-impact outcomes. Everything you discover about your brand (and yourself) is designed to empower you with the clarity, mindset, and action steps you need to synchronize all dimensions of your business with the growth of your transformational brand. More specifically, you’ll gain:

  1. A brand vision so clear, you can taste it
  2. A deep understanding of your brand’s priceless gift to the world
  3. A distinct and authentic multi-sensory design language for your brand
  4. Perfect alignment between your brand, business strategy, and company culture
  5. The brand-first disposition embodied by the founders of the world’s best brands

The Inevitable

The Inevitable Workshop is a premium private experience. Upon arrival in Portugal, you and your team will be chauffeured from the airport to our private compound.

Here, you and your team will each be ushered to your private rooms – where you’ll enjoy access to an award-winning personal chef, a 24/7 dedicated concierge, and round-the-clock housekeeping.

These luxuries are here for your inspiration and comfort, but they’re also to help you focus on this intensive experience. Given the intimate nature of the workshop, I ask that you stay within your compound for its duration, as we give your brand the full attention it deserves.

Meet Your Guide

The Inevitable Workshop is the cornerstone of my mission to continue building brands that change the world, by empowering founders with an unstoppable brand vision and disposition.

My name is Jeffrey Perlman, and I work with company founders to build transformational brands with the power to shift the course of human history.
I am the former CMO of Zumba Fitness: a small direct response company that I helped grow into the largest branded fitness program in the world, with 15 million weekly class participants in 186 countries, and a valuation of $550 million.
After Zumba, I joined Mindvalley as Chief of Strategy in 2017. Since then it has doubled in sales every year and has become the world’s fastest growing personal development brand.
If you’re considering applying for a placement, I invite you to find out more about me.

What Founders
& CEOs Say
About Me


Former CEO of MTV International

Jeffrey builds brands that connect deeply and unlock huge sources of growth for your business. It’s a delight to see him work.


Founder of Lifebook & Purity Organic
Coffee, Chairman of Precious Moments

I have never worked with anyone that has such a depth of understanding in harnessing consumer emotion, making it work for you, and how to tie that to a mission. The brand immersions we’ve generated together have been the most useful tools ever in increasing sales and blowing our brands up.

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

Jeffrey is Mindvalley’s strategic advisor and my go-to person when I want to understand and master branding. Jeffrey is a true visionary, and our brand is now the fastest growing personal development brand in the world.

Sri Sri
Ravi Shankar

Founder of The Art of Living

Jeffrey combines a brilliant intellect with a heartfelt passion for making positive change in the world.


President, COO & Co-Founder
of Zumba Fitness

Jeffrey is an absolute genius, and I'm convinced he can see into the future. Back in our startup days, his grand vision for Zumba as a global movement was "crazy" to almost everyone but himself - and look how that turned out. Branding is both a science and an art, and Jeffrey is both a brilliant scientist and a visionary artist. He's on an entirely different level compared to any other branding expert I've ever met, and I know Zumba is far from the last global movement we're going to see from him.


CEO of Liveperson

I call him Yoda


Founder of WILDFIT,
International Speaker & Author

Jeffrey has played an important role in our thinking about WILDFIT’s brand, and working with him has been inspiring, interesting and incredibly valuable. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jeffrey and offer my highest recommendation.

When &

A new Inevitable Workshop intake happens in the first week of the month, every other month. Since each intake is focused on one founder at a time, availability is extremely limited and allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.


If you’d like to know which dates are available before applying, please:

get in touch with my team

How To

An application is required to secure a placement at The Inevitable Workshop. This is a strictly curated workshop, and I ask that you first ensure you fulfill the above mentioned criteria before applying.

Your application will be reviewed by my team and I, and we may request an additional phone conversation to clarify certain details.
You will be contacted within five days of your application with a final verdict. If you’re successful, we’ll then work out payment and scheduling details.


The investment for a successful placement at The Inevitable Workshop is $150,000. This fee covers everything except your flights. It includes:

  • All workshop sessions and materials throughout the seven days
  • Accommodation for you and up to five team members in a private compound (with private rooms for each individual)
  • Food and luxury amenities (personal chef, 24/7 concierge, room service and cleaning)
  • Chauffeured transport to and from the airport
  • All pre and post-workshop support

Your Return On


Envisioning and leading a transformational brand may be the most challenging journey of your life as a company founder.
But it could also be the most rewarding by far.

Because if you’ve made it this far on this page, I suspect you share my obsession for making a game-changing impact, and for shifting the course of history.

Your transformational brand is the rocket ship that will take you to this destination.

At the workshop, you and I will both build that ship, and build you up into its visionary captain. If you’re ready for this challenge, I’m ready to support you every step of the way.

Apply for your placement at the Inevitable Workshop now, and let’s build a brand that changes the world.




I’ve tried working with branding agencies in the past - how exactly is this different?

Branding agencies focus on brand strategy and brand books, but almost always neglect the single most important key to a transformational brand: its founder.

From Steve Jobs, to Phil Knight, to Walt Disney – the founders of the world’s greatest brands are always completely immersed in the universe of their brands. They are the living embodiment of their brands, guided by a crystal-clear, brand-first vision and disposition.

My focus at the Inevitable Workshop is to empower you with the mindset, clarity, and intuition found only in the custodians of those rare brands that change the course of history.

And yes, we’ll still dive deep into brand strategy and your brand’s essence – but the workshop is just as much about you as it is about your brand.

Just be warned, this experience will stretch you. It will leave you uncomfortable, and questioning what you think you know about yourself and your brand. But the outcome will take you far beyond anything you’ve ever gained from even the best agencies or marketing teams.

If you’d like a clearer picture of what to expect, I encourage you to see what other founders like you have to say about working with me.

Do I need a particular skill set or experience to build a transformational brand?

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you most likely already have what it takes.
You don’t need to be a branding messiah, a genius inventor, or the world’s best public speaker – but you do need a relentless desire to build your transformational brand.
Because once you begin this journey, you’re in it for the long haul. The Inevitable Workshop is not for founders looking for a quick fix or a magic bullet. You’ll be pushed and challenged not just for the seven days – but for the months and years after, as you shift your brand vision into an Inevitable reality.
If the thought of that scares you, but also excites and inspires you – then you’re a perfect fit, and it would be my pleasure to support you all the way to the finish line. 

Is there a guarantee of results?

Once you commit to the process, you will walk away with everything outlined on this page and more: including the crystal-clear strategy, DNA, and disposition for your transformational brand.
What you do with this is in your hands – but based on experience, I can tell you exactly what will happen:
I guarantee you’ll never see your brand or your work in the same way again. In fact, I guarantee you’ll experience a shift of consciousness so deep, you’ll start living within the universe of your brand.
In this universe, you’ll see vivid outcomes and possibilities for your brand that others can’t. You’ll live, breathe, and eat your brand’s mission. And you’ll take actions and lay down paths so decisive, so inspired, that those who don’t know any better might even call you delusional.
This “delusion” is what all of history’s greatest brand builders have in common. And in acquiring it, the realization of your transformational brand becomes inevitable.
And you’ll see them so clearly, others might call you delusional.

What kind of support do I get before and after The Inevitable Workshop?

This is a seven-day experience – but the support and systems I’ve put in place to ensure your brand’s ascension go far beyond that.
Once your placement is confirmed, you’ll first be guided through a pre-workshop discovery phase. My goal here is to gain an intimate understanding of your business goals, challenges, and objectives – which my team and I will use to customize the workshop to your needs (and also to optimize our time together, so we can focus on envisioning rather than onboarding).
After the workshop, I’ll then follow up with you through the integration phase: a series of coaching calls focused on executing your vision and strategy. Here I’ll support you in sustaining the momentum you gain during the workshop; and keep you from regressing into old habits and patterns that may threaten or stall your vision.

How much one-on-one time do I get with Jeffrey?

The Inevitable Workshop is deeply personal. In these seven days, you’ll have my undivided attention as your personal coach, mentor, and brand architect. Absolutely none of the workshop is outsourced or assigned to anyone else (save for the food, driving, and concierge services – I’ll leave the cooking to the pros).
This is the reason placements are strictly limited and curated, with only one founder and their team at any given intake.
My time is limited – and if you’re a fit, I want to focus that time fully on you and your transformational brand.

Become The Leader
Of Your Transformational Brand